This new translation of the Aeneid by Dulce Estefanía constitutes a revision and update of the version that was edited and reprinted numerous times by Bruguera (between 1968 and 1984) and finally by Promociones y Publicaciones Universitarias (1988). Accompanied by an introduction, a set of explanatory notes and a brief glossary, the translator’s agile and accurate prose invites us to rediscover this essential classic work of Western literature, to whose writing and polishing the poet Virgil (70-19 BC) dedicated the last eleven years of his life.

Professor Dulce Estefanía, graduate and doctor in Classical Philology from the University of Salamanca, is a disciple of Professor Antonio Tovar, whose school she was a part of. A professor at the universities of Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela, as a professor of Latin Philology she has dedicated herself particularly to the study of the epic of the archaic, imperial and late periods, the poetic panegyric, the historical poem, the poetic autobiography, the epigram and of the classical tradition. She is also the translator of Lucano’s Farsalia (Akal, 1989), of Marcial’s Epigrams (Cátedra, 1991) and, in collaboration with Professor Andrés Pociña Pérez, of the two volumes of the History of Roman Literature written by Michael von Albrecht (Herder, 1997).