November 18-19, 2021
Santiago de Compostela
Ramón Piñeiro Center for Research in Humanities (Assembly Hall, San Roque, 2).

The registration period to participate as an assistant (only face-to-face format) is open until November 12. The activity is free, and will last 15 hours in total, but due to sanitary measures, places are limited.
IMPORTANT: To sign up you must write an email to:

The CODOLGA was developed within the framework of an existing agreement between the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Ramón Piñeiro Center for Research in Humanities. This corpus is updated annually with medieval documentation in the Latin language related to Galicia between the 6th and 15th centuries, both included, from the available editions, and sources and studies that refer to this territory are also incorporated. The computer infrastructure in which this documentation is found ( allows searches of any word or set of words according to various criteria, which makes this textual corpus a basic tool for the teaching and research of various kinds: linguistic, literary, historical, cultural or sociological.