Foto Tesis Eleonora Giunchi

Last Monday, December 12nd, the candidate Eleonora Giunchi defended her doctoral thesis entitled “The lexicon of combustion in Greek literature. Meanings and Representations” directed by Ángel Ruiz Pérez. The Thesis Committee, that was comprised of professors Emilio Suárez de la Torre (Pompeu Fabra University), María Teresa Amado Rodríguez (University of Santiago de Compostela) and Camillo Neri (Università di Bologna), has awarded the thesis the qualification of Sobresaliente cum laude.

In her thesis, Eleonora Giunchi examines the figurative and symbolic meanings of the lexicon of combustion (firebrands, embers, ashes, etc.) in Greek literature, and presents, in addition to a general discussion of the subject, six cases studies related to the Homeric poems, to the comedy of Aristophanes and the erotic epigrams of the Palatine Anthology.