Moby Dick Alegoria y Mito

Moby Dick. Alegoría y mito. El trasfondo simbólico del mundo grecolatino, by Dr. María José Martín Velasco, is a book that has just come to light in Eolas Ediciones.

It discusses the extent to which Melville had soaked himself in Greco-Roman culture and had objectified his own feelings, projects and frustrations in mythical characters.

The book is structured in three parts. The first chapter includes allusions to gods related to destiny: Poseidon, Narcissus, Fate, the Fates, Necessity and Chance, the mermaids and Pan. The second is dedicated to the Titans and the symbology of suffering: the White Titans, Zeus, Cronus, Prometheus, Tantalus and Tartarus, Helios, Ixion, Heracles and Perseus. The third is more directly related to literature and art.